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Our Services

    • New Water Wells
    • Well Cleaning & Rehabilitation
    • Well Repair & Upgrades
    • Complete Pump Systems Installed
    • Well abandonment
    • Trenching & Water Lines
    • PA & NY State Licenses
    • Well Bailing and Swabbing
    • Fully Insured

    About Us

    Tri-State Well Drilling is a small, family owned and operated water well drilling company serving Erie and Crawford counties for more than 30 years! We specialize in well drilling, water well bailing and cleaning and all aspects of well repair and maintenance. Tri-State Well Drilling gives you service and quality. We have the trained professionals and the equipment to handle all of your water supply needs.

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    Testimonial from - Anisa

    Great customer service!!! We had a new well installed and I cannot emphasize how happy I was with this company. The owner and his brother are very professional and courteous. They were punctual, sensitive to our needs and had great personalities. Their price was very competitive. We had quotes from 3 other companies and went with them because of their price and pleasant demeanor. You will be very pleased if you use their services!

    Testimonial from - Michael Ross

    Purchased wooded property to build our retirement home. Had it cleared and now it was time for installing a water well. Searched the internet for local drillers and made a few calls. Some had a message machine to leave a message for them to return your call, others had no message service at all. I called AAA Tri-State Drilling and to my surprise, on the other end was a live person. Needless to say that impressed me after so many other calls that I had made, were either no answer or no return call. Even after a message was left. I Spoke with Gary. He was very polite and answered all my questions (which I had a ton), and supplied me with a cost estimate. I wanted to receive other cost estimates before I committed on a driller. After some time, I finally made contact with 2 other drillers. One had a cost estimate way above Tri-State, the other was suppose to get back with me but never did (I really hate that!). I made the decision to go with Tri-State and am very pleased that I did. I called them back, and guess what?, Gary answered the phone again! We met at the property for the location of the well. Gary and his brother talked me through the process. Once the location of the well was picked, they drove a stake and called “PA 1 call”to locate any below ground piping or cables. Once completed we scheduled the operation and set the date for drilling to begin. They were always at the property when they said they would be, even calling or texting me when they left their shop to let me know they were in route to the property. They explained everything to me as they drilled the well and placed the casing. They were so professional and really took their time to explain and answer any and all questions. The water well was drilled. Had good water. The cost was even a little cheaper than their estimate! Anyone in need of a driller, I can tell you this. Their equipment is well maintained, and functional, they delivered what was promised, and was very mindful of leaving the property free of any trash. I would highly recommend using this company for all your drilling needs. Thanks guys for a super job!!

    Water Well Facts

    • The two most common types of wells in this area are shale bedrock wells and Unconsolidated sand and gravel wells.

    • We use the cable-tool method of drilling. This method gives the maximum yield while drilling and minimizes formation plugging.

    • We always double weld your casing joints to ensure watertight integrity.

    • We use grannular bentonite while advancing casing. (Dry grout method). This helps to seal casing against surface water.

    • The surest way to learn the character of formations underneath the ground is to drill through them, obtain samples, and record the data. Lithologic logs record characteristic properties of various formations encountered in the borehole.

    • We will provide you with a written log describing the geologic character of each formation,the depth at which changes were observed, the thickness of the formation and the depth to your water source.

    • Your well casing should extend a minimum of 12 inches above the ground surface to prevent possible contamination. The ground should also be sloped away from the casing. 

    • You should inspect your well cap periodically and replace if cracked or broken. Also be sure that it is firmly secured.  We can install a locking well cap if requested.

    • Your well should be located a minimum of 50 ft. from a septic tank and 100 ft from a septic leach field.

    • A 6” dia. well casing holds approx. 1.5 gallons of water per foot.

    • A 8” dia. well casing (The most common size) holds approx. 2.6 gallons of water per foot.

    • A 10” dia. well casing holds approx. 4.1 gallons of water per foot.

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