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Rehabilitaed and deepened a 16 inch diameter water well. Fabricated and installed a cusom vented aluminum well cap.
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Installed 12 inch diameter casings
to support a 35 ton crane railway on
the Erie Bayfront.
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12 inch diameter well in Waterford, PA
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A typical multiple well tie in.
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Did you know that the two most common types of wells in this area are shale bedrock wells and unconsolidated sand and gravel wells?

We use the cable tool method of drilling. This technique gives the maximum yield while drilling a water well and minimizes formation plugging.

We always double weld your casing joints. All welds will be cleaned and visually inspected.

No photo available. - Drilled a 12 inch diameter bedrock water well 100 feet deep for a dairy farm in Waterford, PA., customer required 1200 gallons per day. Well produced over 5500 gallons per day.


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