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8 inch well for a new home in 
Chatauqua County NY.
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8 inch well for an existing home in
Waterford, PA.
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Winter drilling. Greene Twp., PA.

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City of Erie - Water intake line -
Chlorination Project.

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Test drilling Presque Isle Bay
No photo available. Drill 16 inch diameter de-watering
wells at City of Erie Sewage Treatment Plant. Installed 16 inch diameter casings approximately 40 feet deep. Installed 12 inch diameter gravel packed screens and extract 16 inch steel casings.

Did you know your well casing should extend a minimum of 12 inches above the surface to prevent possible contamination? The ground should also be sloped away from the casing to prevent surface water infiltration.

You should inspect your well cap periodically and replace if cracked or broken. Also be sure that it is firmly secured.



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